The concept is based on three FSBUS cluster. One in the Glareshield with the Interface to the Flightsimulator PC, one in the overhead panel and one in the center pedestal. This guarantees a minimum length of cable in the flightdeck. Some controllers are located direct beside the instruments, like the IO boards for the FMCDU´s and the controllers for the 7-segment displays.

The list and number of boards:

5 FSBUS OUT64 (new board esp. for Airbus flightdecks)
2 FSBUS display 6-pack
2 FSBUS display single

Important: The blue numbers in the picture are the CIDs for the different boards.

For this application a new FSBUS board is in development. Because Airbus is using hundred´s of LED´s in the knobs, a 64 chanel OUT board was born. This board has drivers for each chanel, so that you can drive normal LED´s, high power LED´s and as well LED clusters. Current limitations are given from the used ULN2803 circuit.



A320 FSBUS application concept

FSBUS system is used for interfacing all the switches and LED´s with the flightsimulator.  
FSCOM. This is the connection to the FS PC via COM interface.  
FS IO (64 chanel digital In; programmable 8 chanel digital Out, 8chanel analog In; 8 chanel analog Out).  
FS DO64, a new development in prototype phase. 64 output chanels for currents above 20mA. Helpful for driving high power LED´s, LED cluster and ...  
Drilling a double Display PCB, used for one Radio panel. 
I built a blue bright LED under the drilling platform. That guarantees a precise positioning of the PCB. 
single FS 7-Segment driver PCB  


In this list you'll find the link to a PCB partner. This company has made the foil, so that a board might be available for 9 or 10 EURO each. (drilled and layout print). Please ask for a quote.  PIC  Company  Text for the request 
IO Board  www.mme-pcb.de  Leiterplatte DIO 1_4_06. Order code: FSBUS-IO 200602218 
Dig Out 64  In prototype phase. Available approx. Nov06    
COM Board  not available (self made)   
DISPLAY    not available (self made). Several layouts like A320 Radio panel are in progress and will be free for download after testing here on this chapter.