Cockpit packaging


Packaging information

You can take the above drawing. There is a 100mm grid, so that you can use this picture for your specific environment. I put a human dummy from automotive design, so that you can check the accessability of your components. Try out the download files!



CAD Zeichnung Gesamtsimulator. (CAD File for entire Simulator)   gesamtlayout30804.cad [332 KB] gesamtlayout30804.dwg [185 KB]  
Säule an vorne links/rechts. (Pillar front left/right)   saeulelinksrechtsvorn1004.cad [13 KB] saeulelinksrechtsvorn1004.dwg [38 KB]  
Säule mitte links/rechts (Pillar middle left/right)   saeulelinksrechtsmitte121104.cad [5 KB] saeulelinksrechtsmitte121104.dwg [25 KB]  

Picture story

The shell is built with steel U-profiles 60x40mm and a thickness of 0,3mm. They are joined with 3mm blindrivets. 
The walls are out of 1 layer 2mm pressboard, 1layer of 40mm Styropor boards and another layer of 2mm pressboard with a white foil covering. 
The overhead panel has a weight of 25kg and is laying on 2 rails. Important is, that you can disassemble the overhead panel from insight. 
Side view. The columns are made out of wood an plastic panels. 
Another view to overhead panel and the side window. 
The finished shell (window screens missing). 
Assembly tipps