Door concept


Download Files

Drawing of the pinhole  tuerspion.cad [6 KB]  
Door signs  flightdeckdoorsigns.cdr [14 KB]  
Dimensions of the door (1,90m x 0,65m x 25mm)   


The pinhole was build out of a 20mm Al extrusion and a ring from a Bang&Olufson loudspeaker. 
A glas lense is mounted in the hole. 
The finished door with the signatures from the original. I got the data in a Lufthansa flight. I was sitting in 1D and could read all the information. I noticed them on a napkin. 
A numeric keypad is used to open the door. After entering a 4 digit passcode the door opens for 2 seconds. From inside you can open the door at any time without passcodes. 
The door opener from inside. 
A keyhole spy allows to look in the sim from outside. An impressive view. 
You can see the edge of the door. Aluminium extrusions are protecting the corners and are increasing the stiffness. 
Entering the passcode. 
The door is open. 
The closed door.