The climate aggregate is needed, because a lot of electric and electronic equipment is working like a heating. In the small room there are approx. 300W lights, 2x 250W power supply for the flightdeck and 7 PC´s with 200W each. So, the heating power is approx. 2.200W. That is enough, to heat the room in winter days over 27°C and in summer days between 30°C and 35°C.

Air distribution


Components of the side panel

Climate aggregate  I bought from ebay a simple climate aggregate from Bosch. Important was for me the rectangular cool air outlet. This was important for the airflow interface to the simulator. 
Gesper vents  This are simple vents without any function. In a further step, when everything else is finished I´m thinking about a vent with fully functionality. 
Ventilator  For the airflow to the CPT vent I took an additional ventilator for better airflow. 
Airflow  Interface from airoutlet to the tubes.  
Airflow  CPT gesper vent from back side. 
Controls  The second reason, I took this Bosch aggregate was the mechanical controllers for mode and temperature. That gives me the oppertunity to interface with the computers. But this is still concept phase.