Pressure Instrument




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CAD File with all details  pressureinstrumentv2210407.cad [555 KB]  
Corel Draw File with the scales  pressureinstrumentv2130806.cdr [33 KB]  

Picture story

A small EL-foil with the converter. The converter needs 5V DC. I´m using a PWM output to adjust the brightness. 
The scale is designed with Corel Draw and printed out on an overhead foil. 
One of the mini servos. As smaller, as better. Approx. 7 EURO each. 
The scale glued on the EL foil. 
My new small CNC machine, controlled with a 12 years old PC. 
Milling one of the five plates. 
Here you see all the milled plates. 
The scale was laminated to guarantee the electrical isolation. 
The mounted servos. On the upper right corner you see the opening for the converter. 
From the backsight 
Assembly of the scale and the needles. 
the assembly is done 
Servos and converter 
Ready for assembly in the mainpanel of the sim