Forward lighting


Picture story

The knob for the brightness of the ND monitor is the most complicate, because it has an outer and an inner knob. Here you see the inner knob, made out of a turned PU handle and a 2mm spring steel axis.  
The outer knob is drilled with 2,2mm for the axis of the inner knob. 
Everything you need: the inner knob with axis, the outer knob, 2 potentiometers 1k and on top the housing for the 2 potentiometers. 
The housing for the potentiometers is made out of a 25x25 aluminium extrusion. The top edges are cut, that light can come to the panel. 
The panel with all knobs. 
From back you can see the wiring. 
Backlighting panel with my standard 220V lightpipe