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Push Pull Rotary for EFIS panel in the PROFI CAD6 version.  drehpushpullversiongrayhillv4180207.cad [39 KB]  
Push Pull Rotary for EFIS panel in the AUTOCAD V10 version. Please try it out. Not 100% sure that the file export in the Autocad version is working properly. If there is any difficulty, send me an e-mail. I don´t have AUTOCAD, so I couldn´t test it.   drehpushpullversiongrayhillv4180207.dxf [284 KB]  

Picture story

The EFIS panel contains many elements on the smallest room. This requires working "cleanly".  
The EFIS panel from behind. 
I have used 2 white brightly shining LED´s for the Indicator advertisements. Was too weak for the normal orange LED´s.  
Look at indicator circuit board, 30 degrees rotary switches, keyboard. 
A brass hull controlles the switch for the outer switching ring.  
The Grayhill B62 push-pull rotary. 
The Grayhill mounted to an aluminium extrusion. 
The electronic for the interface between Grayhill and FSBUS. 
The moulded inner knob out of PU and painted light grey.  
The outer knob produced out of brass or aluminium. Painted black. 
The extension between Grayhill and inner knob. 
The hull out of brass. You can take aluminium as well. 
A 25x25x40mm aluminium extrusion is used to fix the Grayhill. 
Here you see the sub assembly. 
Sub assembly in a side view. 
The interface electronic. 
I developped a small PCB for the electronics. 


Barometric Window
Displays Barometric reference.
Barometric Selector
Provides selection of Barometric reference. The outer knob selects units of reference in inches of mercury (In Hg) or Hectopascals (hPa). The inner knob provides selection of the reference value displayed in the Barometric window and on the PFD. At airplane power-up, either 1013 hPa or 29.92 In Hg is displayed.

When the selector is pulled, the standard Barometric reference setting (1013 hPa/29.92 In Hg) is displayed in the Barometric window and "STD" is displayed on the PFD. Pushing the knob enables selection of a new Barometric reference.
FD Switch
When pushed, the respective flight director command bars or flight path vector/flight path director is displayed on the associated PFD and the switch illuminates.
ILS Switch
When pressed, the localizer and glide slope scales are displayed on the PFD and the switch illuminates. Deviation symbols are displayed when a valid ILS signal is being received.
Data Display Switches
Display optional data in addition to the data permanently displayed in the PLAN, ARC and ROSE NAV modes. Only one switch can be activated at a time, The selected switch is illuminates.
Mode Selector
Provides selection of desired navigation display.
Range Selector
Provides selection of desired Range on the respective ND. In the event of a mode or Range data failure, the ND defaults to ROSE NAV with an 80 nm Range.
VOR/ADF Selector 1&2
Provides selection of VOR and/or ADF bearing pointers and DME on respective ND in any mode except PLAN. Corresponding navaid data characteristics are shown.