Push Pull Rotaries

Push-pull rotaries version4



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Drawing of Push Pull rotary Version4   drehpushpullversiongrayhillv4191106.cad [284 KB]  
Electronic for FSBUS connection   
PCB layout for interface  fsbusinterface.lay [263 KB]  
Grayhill Data sheet  bltn969.pdf [81 KB]  

Picture story

New Version of Push- Pulls. Base are the push-pull rotaries from Grayhill. 
A small interface electronic is needed for the connection to FSBUS. The Grayhill will be in the new router available Jan07. 
A small PCB for the interface electronic. 
outer knob for EFIS and altimeter settings out of aluminium 
PU moulding material for all knobs 
all knobs are moulded and hardened and are waiting for the paintshop