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Throttle housing  throttle.cdr [73 KB]  
Throttle Lever  throttlebaugruppengriff.cdr [67 KB]  
Throttle section   
Trim wheel section  throttletrimunit240207.cad [146 KB] throttletrimunit240207.dxf [1.282 KB]  


Throttle housing


Trim wheel section

I ordered the NOVA panels for the Throttle in Canada from FDS. 
All the wheels are made out of aluminium. That gives the needed stiffness and stability of the design. 
A gear rack is mounted internally. A stepper motor turns the wheel. 
Here you see the gear plate. You can see the stepper motor. 
Between Trim wheel and CG wheel there is a 15:1 gear. That is the reason for the complex design. 
The position of the trim wheel is detected by a Knitter rotary. 
The painted Trim wheel. 

Throttle section


Throttle lever





AutoThrottle System (A/THR)
, using inputs from the FMGC, controls thrust based on airplane speed, altitude and configuration. The throttles do not move when the Autothrottle System is in use. The system is armed in flight by pushing the A/THR switch on the FCU when the throttles are not in the engagement range.

Transmit signals to the FADEC, which computes and displays the thrust rating limit and EPR. The throttle can only be moved manually. There are five lever positions define by stops or detents:
Reverse Idle,
Forward Idle,
Climb (CL),
Continuous Thrust (FLX/MCT)
and TakeOff / Go Around (TO/GA)

Autothrottle Disconnect Switches ( Red Buttons )
When pressed, disconnects the autothrottle system.
Select Reverse Thrust by overriding the stop fitted at the FWD IDLE position. The stop is reset when the throttle is selected back to forward thrust.

Pitch Trim Wheels
Provides mechanical control of horizontal stabilizer trim. Trim wheels have priority over electrical control. Use of trim wheels does not disconnect the ELACs, as the override mechanism ensures that the computers remain synchronized with the manually selected position.

Trim wheels must be utilized when pitch direct law is in effect.

Pitch trim is automatically reset to 0 following touchdown as the pitch attitude becomes less than 2.5°.
Trim Position Scales
Indicate trim position in degrees. Normal range is marked by a green band.
CG Scales
Indicate relation between CG location and pitch trim setting prior takeoff