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PCB layout (Eurocard with 12xswitch PCB)   12switch28106.lay [137 KB]  
PCB layout for all switches, LED´s and 7-segment displays.  coming soon 

Picture story double rotaries

PCB for 1 rotary 
The knobs are self molded and painted. The switch is a 1x12 switch from Conrad. The axis has a 3mm hole. 
Assembly (2x pcb; 3mm axis for lower rotary, lower knob with 6mm hole; upper knob with 3mm hole) 
from top 
from bottom 
from side 

Picture story Radio panel

The panel with the PCB. On the PCB there are all switches, 7-segment displays and LED´s mounted. There is an extrem density. For a second version I would bring all the cable connectors to 1 edge. But therefore you must design a 2 layer PCB. 
Top view. The 7-segment displays are covered by a dark grey foil from the automotive industrie. This looks very nice. You can by such a foil for car windows in every warehouse. 
You see the density of the PCB. There are some 5mm holes. They are for the backlighting. 
The PCB lines are only 0,15mm. This is the minimum. 
From the back with the assembled rotary. 
The plexy backer is painted in grey at the edges. The PCB and the backer are assembled first. 
The double rotary is mounted with two screws. 
The NOVA panel is mounted with the plexy backer. 
I painted all knobs in black. 
I forgot the arc button and I am missing the NAV button with the cover. They are coming later. 
This is the panel. The electronic for the displays are in progress. 


Radio Management Panel (RMP)

Frequency Displays Windows

ACTIVE - Shows the active frequency of the selected radio (which is identified by the illuminated radio selection key).
STBY/CRS - Displays the NAV course or standby radio frequency. This frequency is activated by pushing the transfer switch, and is changed by rotating the frequency selector knobs.

Transfer Switch (Arrow)
When pushed, exchanges the active and standby frequencies, and tunes the new active frequency.

Radio Selection Switches (VHF, HF & AM)
When pushed, the ACTIVE window displays the tuned frequency and the STBY/CRS window displays the Standby frequency.

SEL Indicator
Illuminates on both RMPs when a transceiver normally associated with an RMP is tuned by another RMP.

Frequency Selector Knobs
Selects the course or standby radio frequency. Displayed in STBY/CRS window.
Inner knob controls decimal values.

NAV Switch (Guarded)
When pressed on RMP 1 or 2, the radio navigation back-up mode engages.
Removes auto-tuning from the FMGC and the VOC, ILS and ADF receivers are controlled by the RMP.
The switch illuminates green when pushed.
Pushing switch a second time returns control to the FMGC.

STBY NAV Selection Switches (VOR, ILS, MLS & ADF)
When the NAV switch is selected, enables tuning of the selected navaid via the frequency selector knobs.
Each RMP tunes its respective VOR.
Tuning an ILS on either RMP tunes both ILS receivers, if both RMPs are in the standby NAV mode.
The ADF can only be tuned on RMP 1.

BFO Switch
When selected, the Beat Frequency Oscillator mode becomes active, provided the ADF receiver is selected.

ON/OFF Switch
Controls the power supply to the Radio Management