ECAM Panel


Picture story

The ECAM panel with cables and connectors to FSBUS IO Card. 
From the back you see the connection of the cables to the knobs, LED´s and potentiometers. 
Other details. 
The plexi backers are painted grey. 
The EMER CANCEL knob is painted red. The top layer is printed out on Vinyl foil and glued to the plexi panel. 
View to the assembled panel. The covering of the EMER CANCEL knob is in progress. 


ECAM (Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring)

ECAM Control Knobs
Selects respective display on/off and control brightness. When the upper ECAM display is selected OFF, the E/WD automatically transfers to the lower ECAM display.

When pushed, simulates takeoff power application to trigger a warning if the airplane is not properly configured for takeoff. If the airplane is properly configured, the "T.O.CONFIG NORMAL" message in the takeoff memo displays green.

When pushed: Warnings: Present aural warning is cancelled. MASTER WARN lights extinguish. ECAM message display is not affected. Cautions: Present Cautions is cancelled for remainder of flight. STATUS page is automatically displayed. "CANCELLED CAUTION" message and the title of the inhibition is suppressed after AC power application until first engine start, but can be manually recalled by pushing RCL key for more than 3 seconds.
System Page Keys ( 11 Keys )
When pushed, the related system page appears on the lower ECAM display. Illuminates after manual selection or when an advisory is detected. If pushed a second time while illuminated, the system page for the present phase of flight or current warning appears.

Left / Right CLR Keys
Illuminates when an ECAM warning, caution, or status message is displayed. When an Illuminated CLR key is pushed, the ECAM display will change.

Illuminates when ECAM STATUS page is displayed. When pushed, the STATUS page is displayed on the ECAM lower display. When pushed with no present status messages, "NORMAL" appears for five seconds. The STATUS page may be cleared by pushing the STS key a second time or by pushing the CLR key.

When pushed, Recalls warning and caution massages that have been suppressed with the CLR key or automatic flight phase inhibition. "NORMAL" appears for five seconds with no current warnings or cautions. When pushed for more then three seconds, caution messages suppressed by the EMER CANC key are Recalled.
When pushed and held, all system pages are displayed in succession at one-second intervals. If the ECAM control panel fails, push and hold the ALL Key until the desired system page appears and then release the key to maintain the display.
If only one ECAM screen is available, repeatedly pressing the ALL Key will cycle to the desired page.