Center Pedestral


Center pedestal

Center Pedestal housing

MCDU The interface to the flight computers.

Radio Panel (RMP) The right frequency, to hear, what you must hear.

Audio Panel Audio panel controls all audio streams in the cockpit

Lighting CPT Control the lights.

Weather panel Control the antennas for correct function.

Switching The switch panel for switching the right computers to the monitors.

ECAM (Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring) Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring

Throttle Adjust the power and set the balance.

Engine Start Switch the engines on.

TCAS panel Identify your plane and prevent physical contact to other planes.

Speed Brake Reduce the speed even if you descend.

Parking Brake Park the airplane.

Flaps Below 200kts never without flaps.

Printer Print out weather, airplane data or anything else.