What is a tiller?

A tiller is the steering wheel for the airplane on the ground. You can turn the airbus +- 75°.


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Drawing of the tiller mechanics  tiller240506.cad [36 KB]  

An original Airbus picture

Building the tiller

I had one original CPT tiller. I made a silicon mold and casted parts with PU. Then I saw one part as it is shown in the picture. That was the base for the F/O tiller. 
I filled the gaps with plastilin and the shape for F/O´s tiller and stick was ready. Then I made silicon molds for the F/O parts and last but not least I casted the parts out of PU. 
After the molding process I put the tillers on a lathe. That process gave a perfect plane and a precise fixing hole. 
Here the parts for the mechanics. Wood for the plates A 10mm aluminium extrusion for the axis. 20mm long M4 standoffs. 2 bearings per tiller (26mm, 10mm type 2600). 2 retaining rings 8,5mm. 
.. details .. 
Drilling of the 26mm holes. 
The assembled tiller 
... details ... 
Tiller and Stick assembled on the side panel.