Overhead specialities

Under construction

1. Schwierigkeit (Difficulty)

2. Reifegrad (Maturity)


For the overhead panel you need a lot of specialities. On this page I´d like to give you some ideas, who to produce the needed parts.

This part is a component of the covering of several knobs of the overhead panel. These parts are moulded out of PU. On the right side the silicon tool. On the left side the model built out of a black 3mm PVC foam plate.  
Here you see in red and black the top parts. They are built out of black and red 3mm PVC foam plates. 
The axis is made out of 1,2mm Steel wire. Drilling the parts with 1,2mm is a little bit tricky. 
Here the assembled covering. The bottom part has to be painted in black. The upper part is not painted. The surface of the PVC plates has the right color and an excellent grain.