Safety is an important task for every flightdeck builder. We are building a simulator with a power consumption of 2-3KW. The sim is built often in small rooms. We are sitting surrounded by hundreds of lamps and cables. A lot of materials are inflammable. We are working with 220V power. There is a beamer with a lot of heat ...

To protect our health, our house and our money, we have to do something.

Protection against

Protection against 220V

The most important protection is a residual current circuit breaker.  
All power is controlled by one contactor. 
Two emergency stop buttons are located in the Sim and at the control station outside the Sim.  

Protection against fire

Two fire extinguishers are located in the Sim behind the CPT seat and outside the Sim. 
Two smoke detectors are located at the ceiling. 

Emergency exit

The room has two independent doors. The second door is going in the garage and is not lockable from inside. 
The sim door is to open from inside without a key, a password or anything else. 
The sim door opens outside the sim. 
Two pocket lamps guarantee light to come out. 

Protection against smoke

2 smoke detectors are located on the ceiling. 
Air masks are planned. 

Protection against heat

Without any power consumption the temperatures in the room are between 12°C in winter and 24°C in summer. Because of the power consumption between 2 and 3 KW I will have no heating issues. 
But I need an air conditioner. I´ll take a simple unit with a heat outlet to the garage. 
Open question is, how to interface the temperature controls on the overhead panel with the air conditioner control unit. 
Cold air is coming through the gesper vents in the cockpit. 
and through the big air inlet in the galley. 

Protection against water

Especially after the desaster with the MD11 simulator in Lüdenscheid, I began to think about this risk. 
My sim is on the ground floor and waterpipes are going through this room. A leakage in these pipes will influence the health of the sim.  
Big question mark, what I can do. Ideas missing ...  ? 

Protection of the spended money

Especially after the desaster with the MD11 sim in Lüdenscheid I will write a letter to my insurance for personal chattels, asking them to confirm, that the entire value of the sim is included in the insurance. 

Protection against thirst

like in a real A320 there are special locations for beer, whiskey and other important drinks. 
second I installed a telefon at the front of the center pedestal like in a real plane. 
this phone is connected to the house telephone network 
You can call to the kitchen 
and hopefully, after some seconds, the door will open, and a coffee is served. (I´m in strong negotiations with my wife. Maybee that will be not so easy ...)