CAD System

At the beginning of the project I created all drawings in CorelDraw. Therefore some files are available in the CDR Format. Please use Corel Draw Version 8 or higher. I will transfer in the future all files from Corel into .cad format from ProfiCAD6XP.

From 2002 on I used the 2D CAD Program ProfiCAD6XP. All dates from this date are available in the .cad format. The program is simply learnable and is well suitable for these requirements.

Follow this link for ordering ProfiCAD6XP by AMAZON:

Helpfull equipment

A stable drilling mashine    
A jigsaw    
A stapler    
A belt grinding mashine    
A lathe    
A soldering iron    
A multimeter    
A scope    

Software tools

Sprint Layout  Software to develop printed circuit boards. Absolut easy to use. You can learn this Software in minutes, even if you are not an electronic engineer.  
S-Plan  Software to generate circuit diagrams. Easy to use and enough functionality for hobbyists. 
Corel Draw   This vector graphic program is used for tasks like: Drawing schematics, printing legends and thousands of needed details. 
Corel Photo Paint   With this pixel graphic program I made all the corrections of the photos, used in this WEB page. 
Web to date   An easy to use WEB program. With this simple tool you can generate and update very quick your WEB site. No programming necessary. Suitable results.