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Mainpanel All screens, Gear, Clock, Break, Secondary Instruments

Glareshield Stick, Warnings, EFIS, Autopilot

Center Pedestral Throttle, Flaps, MCDU and a lot of other functions

Overhead Lights, Electrics, Hydraulics, ...

Side Panel Stick and Tiller

Seats Convenient, adjustable, motion feeling

Shell How to build a shell?, Dimensions, Packaging

Elektronics FSBUS, Switches, Lighting, Power supply ...

Hard-, Software under construction

Safety An important lesson for us all

Tools Machines, Software and other helpfull equipment.

Level of difficulty

Difficulty1   Its a simple design. Everybody can build it. 
Difficulty2   Building is not easy. For some modules you need special machines. 
Difficulty3   Complicated design. You can´t build it without a lot of expieriences and special machines. 

Helpfull documents

Titel  Document  Download  Picture 
Function description  This document was put together 2002 in the planning phase of the simulator. The most important source was Jerome Meriweather´s homepage, where he described all functions from all systems. These informations are very helpfull and I have seen them nowhere else.  a320flightdeckdocumentation26202.doc [2.259 KB]  
Actuators, Wiring. FSBUS connection   This is an Excel file with every piece of the flightdeck. There is a description of the type of every knob, the description, how this is linked to FSBUS and the adress in FSUIPC. It is a still a living document, because in the assembly phase there are some changings. It will be updated regularly.   flugsswitches31206.xls [8.693 KB]