In 2002 I began with sketches and a comprehensive research in the internet. I began the hardware with the center pedestal. ...

During a beautiful holiday on teneriffe I began with the first sketches. 
This simulator was build in the early days of airplanes. A little bit more technology must be.  
Dieses Lufthansa Modell aus dem Jahr 1928 erfüllt auch nicht ganz meine Erwartungen. A Lufthansa simulator from 1928. Even this simulator does not cover 100% of my expectations. 
Do you remember. Approach to meighs field in Chicago. Microsoft Flightsimulator 1 in 1981. Frame rate in a range between 0,5 and 2 frames/second.  
This is the ideal of my simulator. 90% functionality, non motion. 
This is a full motion Lufthansa sim. You must be an oil-baron, to finance this. But it is a great experience, to spend an hour in such a simulator. I checked out an A320, a B737, a B747 and an MD11. 
Insight in a B737 sim. 
Maintenance. What is the reliability of a private sim???