The project history

The story began 1998 in a Lufthansa Boeing737 flightsimulator in Bremen. This experience was so great, that I began to think about building an own flightsim.

I saw a WEB page from a MD11 sim in Lüdenscheid and I was convinced, that such a project can work.

My brother began 2001 with the development of FSBUS. During a fantastic holiday in Teneriffe, the plan, to build an Airbus A320 was born.

I started with hundreds of sketches and I had thousands unanswered questions ....

History 2002 - 200x

2002 In 2002 I began with sketches and a comprehensive research in the internet. I began the hardware with the center pedestal. ...

2003 In 2003 I was concentrated to the throttle and the trim panel. The throttle is the most complex part of an Airbus.

2004 In 2004 I began with the assembly of the mainpanel.

2005 In 2005 the shell is built, a lot of mechanic units are finished and a simulator room in the garage is existing.

2006 FSBUS-PCBs are 60% finished. The beamer is installed. The first flight with let say 50% of the equipment was 26Dec 2006.

2007 Installation of all computers, finishing of all mainly used systems, implementation Overhead logics and beginning with Online flight events is on the table for 2007.