Airbus A320 Flightdeck

Visited a top modern professional A320 Sim

Building a fullsize, non-motion A320 flightsim

On this Web-page you can see, how to build an Airbus A320 homecockpit. In a monthly update I´ll document the progress and I´ll give drawings for download. That hopefully supports your flightdeck project.


A320 Homecockpit

History The history of building this simulator is now 5 years long. See, what happened from the beginning on.

Technique How to build a flightsimulator? A lot of information, hopefully helpful for your own project, is shown in this chapter.

Gallery You like pictures? Then look in the gallery. Airplanes, construction photos, flight pictures and misc. photos.

Links Links to other builders, to suppliers and other helpful links, you´ll find here.

Contact Write an e-mail or give a comment or give your vote about this page.

Entertainment A little bit fun.

What´s new?

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